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Focus on sustainability is key to a safe business

Focus on sustainability is key to ensure our competitive edge in maintaining our strong customer base, attracting new customers and more importantly ensuring all employees feel engaged and active in our business. In all areas of operations we need to strive for continuous, socially responsible improvement in our performance.

Being commercial and HSE aware?
Health, Safety & Environment is a focus area for the Handytankers pool, and we are dedicated to prove that a commercial pool can still be a leading entity and an example for other commercial units in the shipping industry.

Creating awareness & Inspire
Handytankers is proud to be focusing on HSE and we aim at improving the overall HSE awareness in the industry. Even with a broad range of owners in the pool, we are committed to assure a safe and secure working environment onboard all vessels engaged in the pool. Our dedication goes beyond creating awareness as we also strive to inspire our owners to give increasingly more focus to a very important aspect of shipping.

Learning cycles
We are arranging workshops for our owners in the pool, where we focus on current topics and the latest news within HSE. These events are highly appreciated as a great forum for knowledge sharing in a no blame culture. We want to share, and be a part of, the good examples from the industry – and we want to know and learn from the mistakes and near misses. We take it as our obligation to be leading HSE forwards also from the commercial unit’s perspective, and we are striving to uncover best practices via continuous learning cycles where lessons learned can prevent future incidents and injuries.


Knowledge-sharing on HSE appreciated

TB Marine Shipmanagement appreciates the workshops organized by Handytankers in order to improve interchange of HSE quality matters with tanker operators in the same market.

Sharing best management practices with the pool operators is one of the enormous aspects in improving the own Safety Management System. The Handytankers HSE Project with its workshops is a well-established tool to discuss and confer topics in aspects of new regulations and challenges in safe operation of our vessels.

Additionally it enables us to benchmark own safety and quality performance indicators with the others. This will be a driver for further improvements in this area and finally lead to the goal we all should have: Safe and environmental friendly ship operation to the satisfaction of our customers.

Daniel Thaeter, Safety & Quality Manager